Question about Moonland Ozone Generator
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2003-10-03 17:32:18 UTC
I bought a really neat ozone generator recently that
was made in China and came with very poorly written instructions.
It is called "Moonland Aroma Oxygen Generator." It has a bright violet glow in
one of it's two modes. It was only $30. Because the instructions were so badly
written, it seemed to say
it produced ozone in either of the two settings, but
I am wondering if it is an "Ultra-Violet" method of producing
ozone or if this bright violet color is just a night lamp (it also said it
functions as a night light and a negative ion generator). There are two
buttons, one for on/off and one that says "H/L." I get
the ozone smell very quickly and within a minute you can smell
it from a distance of about fifteen feet. It says "China Patent
99 3 29439" and the ad copy make it sound very wonderful, but
according to the instructions, both settings, H and L, produce
"anion" and ozone and "H is for red light" and "L is for green light"
-- nothing else! It doesn't have a red light, just the brighter violet light
(the green light is very dim.

Do ultra-violet ozone generators usually e-mit a bright violet light like this?
Thanks for any help.
Robert Pearson
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2004-06-20 01:34:33 UTC
Wow.. sounds like you got sold a piece of crap out of china. The fact is
decent ozone generators are gonna cost a little money. I've had the best
success with a maintenance free one at http://www.naturalozone.com Oh, and
those tubes sound like UV-tubes (they produce ozone too, but they may just
not be that powerful)
2004-06-20 01:36:42 UTC
Wow, sounds like you got sold a piece of crap out of china. The fact is
that you're gonna have to spend a littl bit of money if you want something
decent. You can find ozone generators from north america out of Natural
Ozone at http://www.naturalozone.com Oh and it sounds like you've got a
UV light. It should be emitting a low amount of ozone