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2006-10-01 06:10:55 UTC
Hi all,

There are people on the internet you should beware of, and by the end of this post
you'll undstand just how true that is. My name is Steve. I am going to tell you my
story. I live in Naples, Florida, was born in 1984 on October 10th. I had a pretty
normal childhood, I did good in school and made some good friends. I graduated High
School in 2003. At this time I was happy that I could go out in the "real" world and
meet some "nice" people. After school I started working for a large cellular
corporation. I worked hard and gained the respect and trust of my fellow employees.
After a year I was doing well enough, they wanted to make me an assistant manager.
This was surprising to me. My life was going good and really looking up.

In February of 2006 I met a girl on the internet by the name of Anna Kubit, who also
lives in Naples. We eventually met and she said she really liked me. She said she'd
like me to take her to all the great places and out on the town. She seemed so nice,
said she would, for whatever reason, make me a "business partner" with her and give
me everything she had to offer. She told me she was a business consultant and a
fitness trainer, yet I've never seen anything to substantiate either claim. She said
she had a great house, yet when I saw it, it seemed rather unkempt, empty, and her
bed was only a ragged foam mattress in the corner of an upstairs loft. She eventually
brought me to her place and I only slept with her once. That was the first time I
ever had sex. It was also the last. I never talked to her after that, since she never
called me or sent me emails. When I called her I always got an answering machine. I
left messages but she never returned my calls. Then all of the sudden in June 2006
she instant messages me. She tells me she has AIDS, she says she's had it for a while
and that she didn't know how she got it. She was the first girl I was with, The only
girl. Well anyway, I set up an appointment for the doctor and got tested for H.I.V.
Guess what? I got H.I.V. Right now I'm kinda sad that I ruined my life just for sex
with this girl that I trusted, it wasn't even that great. I just made this post to
let people know to be VERY careful when meeting people on the internet and also warn
them about this Anna Kubit specifically. Apparently she has done this before and may
still be doing it. I also found out later that she is now claiming to be a "dating
coach" and that I was just one of her many personal experiments out of dozens of men.
I met this crazy girl (I'm sure there are more) and she gave me H.I.V. Don't ruin
your life over a fling on the internet. Please be careful.

Please beware of this woman:

NAME: Anna Kubit
AGE: 22

MATCH.COM NAME: AnnaTheFireball

Associated websites:



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2006-10-04 02:41:30 UTC
Please see www.datingconsulting.com for a free short e-book that I just
wrote about Steve's SPAM. You can also there view my HIV test results
from a test done yesterday - the result being negative.

I will be researching the subject of Cyberlibel and writing a full
length e-book about it shortly. The book will include recommendations
and advice for others meant to help avoid this happening to them.

There may also be an investigation and litigation about Steve's
defamatory remarks. Please watch your local news and see the local
newspapers over the next few months to learn more about this case.

If you disagree with Steve's SPAM meant to ruin my name, please send me
your comments about it. Also, if you would like to get involved in a
national anti-defamation campaign that I am starting, please let me

Please be careful about what you say to others. Some may just take one
of your remarks, get overtly upset and post false information about you
all over the net. Although I still do not know who Steve is, I suspect
that he is someone who was unable to get sex from me and as a result
felt a need to be rebellious. He may have rejection issues and is
likely to be very mean. He could be the guy next door, someone you well
know, possibly a friend - one that can turn his back on you over

See www.datingconsulting.com for articles and info on Cyber Laws having
to do with commenting in a less than positive way about others. Here is
one link:

http://www.newcommblogzine.com/?p=114 CyberLibel: Bloggers Face
Uncharted Legal Territory Regarding Issues of Online Defamation By
Elizabeth L. Fletcher.

You can reach me by emailing me at ***@datingconsulting.com.

Thank you,

Anna Kubit