Hydrogen Peroxide and Healing?
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2003-09-20 18:14:09 UTC
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Can anyone tell me if there is a protocal for the internal use of 3%
Hydrogen Peroxide solution for helping to heal bed sores? It is a
typical pressure sore decubidi. The subject is an active quadrapeligic
but still has somewhat compromised circulation.
Does one need the food grade Hyd/Perox or will 3% work?
Has anyone any information on this or other O2 therapies that will aid
in faster healing of this type of skin sore?
Any suggestions or comments about Oxy-C?
Post here and/or email me please.
2003-10-03 17:33:04 UTC
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You should ask this question on the Yahoo newsgroups for oxygen therapies.
There are more people writing there.
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