Myths about Myths About Gun Control
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2006-01-21 16:53:29 UTC
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Jammer six like his other sock-puppets
Here at Rec.scuba, many, and possibly the majority, of the regulars have
established identities.
That's nice
So why should I care ?
And in what way does that make him less a jerk ?
I never said you should care, or that he wasn't a jerk.

In fact the more you think he's a jerk, the happier he'll be.

I just said he wasn't a sockpuppet.
Many of us know and dive with each other.
Jammer is one of the oldest and most established.
Doesn't make him less an idiot with a big mouth and no brain behind it
(Possibly caused by oxygen deprivation in his recent past..)
As far as the rest of your post, while it isn't grossly inaccurate
(especially the part about the fishing tackle), it is rather ad hominem.
If you could make your point, you would.
I did make my point
Making your point to yourself doesn't count for much.

Theoretically speaking, you already had it.

When you've made your point to us, we'll let you know.
Maybe you should read the whole thing before blabbering nonsense.
Maybe you should read back, now that you've blabbered, and see who started
this thread.

And who then cross posted it to other groups.

Then we'll see if you're a big enough man to correct yourself.

Bon apetit.
Before you sling mud with these "children", I'd review Lord of the
Clearly he's suffering from oxygen deprivation and derives his jollies
from twitting others.
He seems to be doing a bang up job with you and Adrian.
And tha'ts just a low form of entertainement
As to slinging mud
I haven't slung any yet..

We're collectively quakin'.
But I'll be more than happy to stick your collective heads in some mud if
that will help
But really, bottom line, you're all a waste of my time, and not worth
that much effort.
Which is why you return, yet again.

We own you.

The fact that you can't keep yourself from posting here is proof of that.
are trolling you
And you have swallowed hook, line and sinker.
They do NOT have a cite to support their claim
On the other hand, they are getting their jollies by making you jump
over and over and over....
Recognize the fact that these rude children got one over you.
Get over it and move on
Otherwise you'll continue to waste your time and bandwidth on those who
really don't deserve this much attention.
Time to move on, man
These children are all hat and no cattle.
Big hat no cattle is the essence of the anonymous poster.
2006-01-21 22:38:29 UTC
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"SaPeIsMa" <***@hotmail.com> wrote in message news:***@corp.supernews.com...

But really, bottom line, you're all a waste of my time, and not worth
that much effort.
Yet here you are, propping yourself up upon those less fortunate (with the
same venom and ad hominum attacks you deride others for).

Nemo me impune lacesset

No one will provoke me with impunity
Jammer Six
2006-01-22 11:08:10 UTC
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But really, bottom line, you're all a waste of my time, and not worth
that much effort.
So, you'll be leaving, then?

Either that, or this is a lie?

Which is it?
"A bunch of us went down to Gettysburg.
Some of us didn't come back.
If you weren't there, you'll never understand." --Unknown Infantryman